Saturday, July 7, 2007

Scientific American Launches New Version of Magazine

Scientific American, America’s first science magazine, has launched an updated version of the publication. Beginning in July, the redesigned magazine will deliver more news, opinion, and interactivity and present it all in more accessible and engaging ways. All this will be in addition to delivering the tradition of excellence in science journalism that Scientific American’s three million readers have come to depend on.

"For well over a century, Scientific American has been where science and technology authorities have explained their work directly to the public," said John Rennie, Scientific American’s editor-in-chief. "The new, reengineered version, with its heavier emphasis on explanatory images, bulleted summaries and greater interactivity with the web site, will help both mainstream consumers and enthusiasts to better grasp how science and technology impact everyone’s lives across a broad range of issues."

The redesigned publication is part of a broader brand strategy by parent Holtzbrinck Publishers which also owns trade book publishers St. Martin's Press and Farrar, Straus and Giroux, stressing interactivity and integrated platforms. Scientific American’s website already offers podcasts, video and blogs, as well as stand-alone articles and news, and the reengineered print version will help drive more traffic to those online features.

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