Sunday, July 15, 2007

Functional Ingredients Magazine to Debut in September

New Hope Natural Media plans to launch Functional Ingredients (, a new resource for the global health and nutrition industry, focused on delivery of strategic, innovative and scientific news and information related to functional ingredients and their applications. Functional Ingredients will replace New Hope’s current Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals (FF&N). The magazine's first issue will debut in September, 2007.

The publication will target the ingredient supply and product manufacturer communities with reporting, analysis and perspective on developments and events shaping the industry. Data will be presented in graphs, charts and snapshots designed to assist readers in making informed business decisions. Functional Ingredients will also feature opinion pieces on current issues from industry leaders, marketers, brand managers and formulators.

"In planning the magazine, we looked closely at the critical juncture between ingredient suppliers and manufacturers of functional foods, beverages, supplement and personal care products, examining why and how buyers make decisions," said Mike Roberts, publisher of the magazine. "Functional Ingredients will help connect top caliber manufacturers and suppliers, providing the health and nutrition data and analysis needed to support strategic sourcing."

“The name highlights our core focus – the world of ingredients,” added Peter Sofroniou, editorial director. “We’ll be providing everything the reader needs to know about ingredients, from sourcing and supply issues, to scientific research and regulatory concerns, to formulating, branding and marketing the finished product.”

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