Saturday, August 2, 2008

Motor Play - World's First Digital Automotive Magazine

The Internet just got a lot more interesting for petrolheads and petrolhead wannabes.

Motor Play, the world's first digital motoring magazine, is now online and available for download from, for Windows and Mac users.

Motor Play represents the next wave in motoring media, being the first digital magazine that features text, photography, videos and sounds in a unique format capable of bringing a brand new, entertaining experience to users.

Motor Play is a monthly publication with over 200 pages of beautifully produced articles on cars and is open to a wide audience, not only to boy racers and car fanatics. "We hope our users will enjoy reading and feeling Motor Play e-magazine as much as we enjoy making it, because these days, cars should all be about fun."

Motor Play is easy to read, collectible, eco-friendly, and brings together the best of both worlds: the e-zine feels like a printed magazine, but also offers the benefits of the digital online world. Users can send feedback from within the magazine, can click on a link inside in order to visit web pages and can flip through the pages of the e-zine just like with a normal printed magazine.

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