Sunday, August 24, 2008

Self Improvement Magazine Debuts in October

At a time of low national morale and economic hardships, a new magazine will hit the streets this October that is focused on providing inspiration to people all over the world to create the life they deserve through proven and practical lessons taught by the experts who have done just that.

That publication is appropriately called, Self Improvement Magazine, and its founded by Life Coach, Author and Founder of the Synergy Institute, Tristan J. Loo.

"I wanted to create a magazine that not only inspires people to change, but also gives them some really practical "mind-tools" that they can use right out of the box to create compelling changes in their lives," says Loo. "Life success skills are not something that's taught in the educational system at any level, so creating Self Improvement Magazine is my way of sharing this information from the very best experts that have done it themselves.


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