Saturday, August 11, 2007

Publisher Captures Blogging Trend with Eye-Candy Magazine

Stampington & Company (publisher of Somerset Studio, a leading paper and mixed-media art magazine) introduced its first issue of Artful Blogging, a new special publication which focuses on the artistic side of the "weblog" trend that is sweeping the internet.

Artists and writers are discovering new and exciting platforms via creative technology to share their work with the world. Artful Blogging taps into this excitement by highlighting the online journals, galleries and blogs of artists such as Michelle Ward, Nina Bagley and more than 35 others in the premier issue. By pairing photographs and artwork alongside excerpts from the artist’s own blog, readers have the opportunity to take a virtual peek inside their lives. The publication also features sections on Blogging Etiquette, Blogger’s Must-Haves and How to Get Started on your own blog spot.

With tens of thousands of blogs currently on the internet and hundreds of new ones expected over the next months, Artful Blogging helps its readers cut through the clutter to discover online journals that are guaranteed to be visually and creatively inspiring.

The publication has already been creating a buzz on blogs across the internet. Artists, crafters, writers, and techies are all looking forward to Artful Blogging as the first publication to truly capture the beauty and creativity present in the world of blogs.


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