Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Local Health Magazine Serves as Wellness Resource for San Diego County

Bellissima Magazine, San Diego County's new exclusive resource for healthy living, launched its premiere issue July 23, 2007. Bellissima will serve San Diego County as the voice of health and wellness locally, and will be available monthly at no charge to readers at local distributor locations.

Bellissima Magazine provides San Diego with a local angle on wellness issues, including nutrition, fitness, balance, anti-aging and more. The magazine also covers advances made in the health, medical and life science industries throughout the county.

"San Diegans should be proud to know their county is a hub for health and life science activity," said Co-Publisher and Executive Director, Bonni Parsons Mitchell. "These businesses make a difference in people's lives around the world, and Bellissima will present their advances, and other health stories, in a consumer-friendly format."

"Our region is very health conscious," adds Parsons Mitchell. "From residents to businesses to weather, we are lucky to have so many avenues that help us maintain healthy habits. I'm grateful to be part of the increased activity to live healthier, and hope that Bellissima will inspire San Diegans to live a better, more balanced life."

In April 2006, Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Pia Mangini saw the need to publish a wellness resource to report on the advances of local healthcare, and to provide general health-related news happening throughout San Diego. In January 2007, Mangini partnered with Parsons Mitchell to create DuAmici Media LLC so that local businesses and active San Diegans could come together in Bellissima Magazine.

Bellissima means, "Bravo" and "Wonderful" and the magazine itself is an oversized and beautiful glossy magazine, printed on heavy stock and distributed at popular restaurants, retail locations, resorts, doctor's offices, fitness and health centers, and spas throughout the county. The Bellissima website also launched in July and will host a wellness calendar, forums, and a local business directory by September 2007.

Bellissima's contributing writers are physicians, clinicians, and wellness experts who bring a local angle to the magazine each month. Featured departments include Body & Balance, Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Environment, Lifestyle and Generations. In addition the magazine has a section called, San Diego Uncovered, which highlights an event, individual, or business that is unique to the San Diego region.

Editorial and Advisory Board positions are available, and Bellissima is asking San Diegans to be involved and share their ideas. For a complimentary issue, or to tell your health story, contact the publishers at

Bellissima is published by DuAmici Media LLC, a new media company located in San Diego County. For more information visit

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