Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sports and Entertainment Magazine Debuts

Sports and Entertainment Magazine (SET Magazine) announced the launch of its newest magazine that will hit stands September 2008. SET Magazine will offer an in-depth look behind the scenes of famous athletes and celebrities; showcasing their families, vacations, lifestyle and give a bird's eye view of multi-millionaire celebrity lifestyle. SET will also offer vivid photographs and one-on-one up close interviews with the nation's top celebrities that you won't find in other magazines.

The magazine boasts of giving fans unparalleled access taking them past the world of stats and scores to reveal the interior world of professional athletes and their families. SET Magazine will circulate 50,000 copies in Barnes & Nobles, Borders and 7-Eleven.

Publisher Danisha Rolle says this Magazine is geared towards women who love sports and watch sports television shows but do not pick up sports magazines. "I started this magazine with women in mind, but the magazine is for all sports enthusiast," says Rolle, who is wife to Samari Rolle, cornerback with the Baltimore Ravens.

SET Magazine will also launch their new website in conjunction with the release of the magazine. will feature more than what is in the magazine.


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