Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Economics Magazine Launched for Amateur Economists

Amateur Economists, a new online economics magazine for non-economists, published its first issue today on its website at, according to editor and publisher, Anthony Luafalealo. The magazine's focus is on areas that economics has branched out to, including healthcare, law, politics, literature and art and science and technology.

The issue published today is the launching point for several blogs that will allow readers to interact with experts in the magazine's focus areas. In "The Dismal Side of Healthcare," a physician and nurse discuss the latest issues affecting healthcare economics; in "Fictionomics," an English professor explores the subject of economics in fiction and in "Economically Correct," a lawyer and law student look at the economics of laws.

The issue also explores the main reason U.S. economic indicators are no longer accurate, an overlooked consequence of the increasing cost of air travel and how the latest advances in prosthetics can be made widely available to those who need them.

"Economics is the study of choices," says Luafalealo. "The goal of Amateur Economists is to examine our world today through choices. How do current events affect the choices people make? How do those choices affect individuals and societies?"

One of the ways the magazine accomplishes that goal is through its writers' backgrounds, which are alluded to in its title. They include professors, businessmen, a physician, attorney, a few published authors and a financial analyst. While most are amateurs in economics, they are all experts in their fields.

The magazine is free to all readers and will publish new articles, blogs and book reviews on its site daily.


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