Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beth Bronder to Become Publisher of GOVERNING

Beth Bronder will become publisher of GOVERNING, a magazine for leaders of state and local governments, upon the retirement of Peter A. Harkness this summer. In addition, Mark Stencel, currently GOVERNING'S deputy publisher for business development, will assume the new post of editor and deputy publisher. The two appointments were announced by Robert W. Merry, CQ's president and editor-in-chief, who will assume responsibility for GOVERNING this summer.

Stencel, who has held key roles at GOVERNING and CQ since 2005, will oversee the creation of GOVERNING content across all platforms (the magazine, Web site and events). He also will play a major leadership role in establishing the company's strategic direction and representing GOVERNING within the governmental community.

This summer, Peter Harkness will retire from the magazine he founded in


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