Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Magazine Launched for Aeromedical and Air Rescue Professionals

A new magazine has been launched to cater for the air medical and air rescue communities. Waypoint AirMed & Rescue was launched this week by Voyageur Publishing, and aims to cover all aspects of both rotary and fixed-wing air ambulance as well as other air rescue services. With an international focus, the magazine has a mix of news, analysis and features, with dedicated sections for providers, pilots, medical crew, commercial carriers, search and rescue, maintenance and cutting-edge technology.

The first issue has contributions from industry insiders, including Karen Chamberlain of Air Ambulance Professionals, who asks how to eliminate emotion from the decision to fly, aviation medicine expert Dr Terry Martin, with an article on cabin pressurisation, and Major Jeffrey Long, who tells of life as a US Army medevac pilot.

The magazine is published on a quarterly basis and is available through the Waypoint website, where readers can sign up for a subscription or download issue one for free.


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