Saturday, March 1, 2008

Air France Revamps New Inflight Magazine

Air France Madame, the sophisticated French/English bilingual luxury magazine for women, has been given an ultra-contemporary makeover, with new editorial content and a new layout.

In a magazine, content and layout mutually sustain each other. So it's both content AND layout that drive the all-new title.

The new editorial line combines sophistication and girl-next-door informality.

The sophisticated take stems from the deliberately wide international angle, more finely-honed fashion choices, the decoding of global luxury trends, and the greater amount of space given over to the pages on fashion, design or art. The girl-next-door aspect is reflected in greater clarity in the organisation of subject matter, more personified articles (with more profiles and interviews), and increased reader-friendliness (shorter articles, a more incisive general tone). Whatever the area covered, all the information is selected so as to bring readers an ever-sharper vision of the world and its latest trends.

Mixing form and content in this way creates a magazine that is more glamorous, more chic, more modern and simply more real-world. It has a greater emphasis on the written word, while never playing down its refined elegance. It's all about PACE.

The focus in the layout is to pace the magazine, to create breaks, pauses, accelerations. The new rhythm is achieved within a more rational structure (typefaces, section headings, column layout, etc.), making it an altogether easier read.

The new-look Air France Madame features increased clarity and an uncramped layout, underpinned by powerful identity markers: lots of space for photos, full-page spreads for regular features, and a new typeface that allies clarity with modernity. The pages combine a deliberately spectacular layout with an approach to space in which even white is meaningful.

Air France Madame's readership is made up of women on the move. Whether that applies to their career or their lifestyle, they are cultivated and interested in the world around them. Sophisticated, aware of trends. They want to know what's happening in Paris, New York and Tokyo. They want references, and intelligent reading. They also want stunning images and well-informed choices.

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