Sunday, December 23, 2007

Conservationist for Kids Magazine Connects Children to Outdoors, Nature

New York is launching a new nature magazine for kids, filled with photos, articles and tips on activities designed to encourage children to reconnect with the outdoors and the natural world.

Conservationist for Kids, published three times per year, will be written for students at or around fourth-grade level, an ideal time for children to build interest in the outdoors and experience it first-hand. The publication will be sent to fourth-grade public classrooms statewide.

Conservationist for Kids will feature information and activities to encourage young readers to explore outdoors at school and at home. It will include a teacher supplement for using the magazine to enhance classroom learning. Examples of activities -- which have been correlated to the New York State math, science and technology learning standards for fourth graders – include: * How to feed birds. * How to identify animal tracks and scat. * How to make your own binoculars. * How to keep a field journal. The magazine may also include stories of current environmental interests.


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