Sunday, February 10, 2008

Prisonworld Magazine Debuts

Dawah International, LLC has introduced and released its one of a kind magazine for prisoners. Prisonworld Magazine is published on a seven-issue basis in order to communicate with those behind the wall. It is very unique in conception and the only magazine especially for the prison system that showcases poetry, letters of inspiration, thoughts, comments, and opinions, individually and collectively, of inmates. Within the next year Dawah hopes to expand distribution globally and offer original movies, PSAs and interpretive DVDs for the prison system.

During the initial launch in June, the magazine shipped to approximately 80 institutions in the states of Florida, Georgia, California, Texas, Michigan and Ohio. Before completion of the marketing plan, word of mouth had spread throughout the prisons causing new states and new institutions to be added daily. At the time of the latest printing, the magazine now ships to over 400 institutions, state and federal, in 27 states. "Since it is free to the institution's libraries, we can estimate our readership at approximately 350,000 per month," says Rufus Triplett Jr., Editor.


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