Sunday, October 21, 2007

Going Bonkers Magazine Proves Laughter is Serious Medicine

Many people are stressed-out. They are stressed about work, they are stressed about family, they are even stressed about being stressed! "The quickest cure," says Carol Pereyra, "is to step-back, take a good look, get informed and laugh at the situation."

Pereyra is the editor of "Going Bonkers – The Self-Help Magazine with a Sense of Humor." The magazine is an educational, entertaining, and motivating look at how to overcome and manage all of life’s daily stresses. Each new issue of this quarterly publication contains two dozen articles. The articles are timeless, to help the reader today or five years from now.

Articles are written in a clear, easy to read format, with usable tips the reader can use to further understand the subject. Humor is used in the articles, only if it is appropriate to the subject.


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steve said...

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