Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cuisine Noir Magazine : The First Magazine For and About African-American Chefs

At last, food enthusiasts around the world will have the opportunity to explore the world of ethnic cuisine as seen though the eyes of African-American Chefs. Cuisine Noir, the first magazine for and about African-American Chefs is a well overdue online magazine created to highlight the contributions of people of color in the culinary industry.

Cuisine Noir magazine is the vision of publisher Chef Richard K. Pannell. Over the years as Pannell advanced in his career as a chef, he noticed that there was one thing missing: the lack of African-American chefs in mainstream media such as TV and magazines. "Cuisine Noir is all about seeing our faces and hearing our voices as it relates to the culinary industry," noted Pannell. He goes on to say "Because I wasn't seeing the representation out there, I decided to create our own vehicle instead of complaining about it."

Published on a bi-monthly basis, this unique and well spoken magazine will feature the history of ethnic cuisines through stories and recipes from some of the world's top African-American chefs and culinary professionals.

Additional features of the magazine include restaurant and wine reviews, recipes of the month from readers and an exclusive national culinary directory of black-owned restaurants and wineries.


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