Sunday, September 9, 2007

Veterans Business Journal Relaunches as Vetrepreneur Magazine

The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) will change the name of its official magazine from Veterans Business Journal to Vetrepreneur. The new magazine name plate will debut with the Sep/Oct 2007 issue. Veterans Business Journal has served as the nexus for the veteran business movement since 2004.

The name change follows exhaustive market research that indicated the veteran business movement needed a unifying message. NaVOBA found that vetrepreneurs associate strongly with being a veteran and strongly with being a business owner. But until now, they have not put those two things together.

Starting in 2008, the magazine will be published 10 times per year, from its current bi-monthly frequency. The e-newsletter will be distributed weekly, which will double its current frequency. Vetrepreneur Editor-in-Chief Rich McCormack said that the magazine's editorial focus will shift a little. "We will place more emphasis on NaVOBA's forward-looking agendas such as the corporate opportunity, vetrepreneur to vetrepreneur transactions and state government contracting. Those three opportunities dwarf the federal government opportunity, and nobody except us is really paying attention to them."


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