Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nebgames Magazine Presents a Blueprint for Success

Nebgames Magazine is about a dream for the future of business in America and throughout the world. The magazine is dedicated to the idea if somebody can come up with a great idea they ought to be able to put that idea on the market and profit from it without undue red tape and expenses. The first issue goes through ideas for games, products, and software systems in a descriptional format. It then ends with a story and an article that attempt to make a case.

The case is that there should be a reporting database where any entrepreneur or other consumer of services can put his thoughts down about any business, law firm, organization, or anything else. Where possible, the database should also include an objective numerical review of these services and the option to report anonymously. That would help to create a more efficient market for services and force professionals to respond to the needs of their clients. An anonymous report would carry less weight than a report with a name behind it, but would protect the reporting party and encourage the free flow of information. At the end of the day everyone would be better off since service professionals ultimately depend on a productive economy to support their business models.

The end of this magazine contains an inspirational article about coastal businesses. It goes to show the bright future we could achieve if society responded to the concerns of the individual. There is a great power in individual creativity and individuals who stand up in defense of what they believe. That is the future that Nebgames Magazine endorses. The mission of Nebgames is to inspire readers to greater creativity and success.

Nebgames Magazine is dedicated to the creation of new games, products, and software systems as well as advocacy for entrepreneurs. To learn more go to