Sunday, November 4, 2007

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine Re-Launches With Hip, New Design

The online resource for all things automotive- and travel-related aimed at the women's market, ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine (RTM), launches its all-new, completely redesigned website.

The new website, which continues to offer free access to its 8,000 pages of automotive, travel and safety content, now showcases an edgy and hip new design, video, and Web 2.0 features like RSS feed and social bookmarking. In addition to these user-friendly tools, RTM also presents an easier-to-use navigation system to help readers quickly locate relevant articles and guides, as well as tools to expand font size, allowing readers to review content easily.

With in-depth reviews, comprehensive guides, splashy photography and enticing design, RTM continues to be the leading online resource for women seeking information on automotive, travel and safety issues.

Expanding to a weekly release in 2008, RTM continues to add and freshen its content to reflect the latest automotive and travel topics, whether new travel destinations or vehicle reviews.


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